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Closing the “Yomi Hunting” Challenge: Top Hunters 2020

Today, our first Yomi Hunting challenge has just ended. We would like to thank all the InfoSec community for joining the contest: the volume of analyzed samples was pretty huge!  We would like to thank all the participants who shared their samples with us: all the infosec researchers and hunters could now access their analysis […]

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Launching the First “Yomi Hunting” Challenge!

About a year ago, we publicly released the Yomi Hunter sandbox for a few simple reasons: in Yoroi we believe in the InfoSec community value, we think it plays a central role in the fight of cyber-threats and we feel the need to support it.  Our sentiment regarding the InfoSec community led us to support […]

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Yomi Hunter Catches the CurveBall

The recent CurveBall vulnerability shook the Info-Sec community worldwide: a major vulnerability reported directly by the US National Security Agency. Such uncommon vulnerability reporter alerted the whole Industry, CVE-2020-0601 quickly conquered most of the headlines.  The reason for this unusual outreach is still not clear, but Microsoft, along with many experts in the industry, confirmed […]

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Yomi Hunter Joined the VirusTotal Sandbox Program!

We are pleased to announce that Yomi the Malware Hunter has successfully completed the on-boarding in the VirusTotal MultiSandbox Program! Official VirusTotal Announce: https://blog.virustotal.com/2019/05/virustotal-multisandbox-yoroi-yomi.html Yoroi can now contribute to the fight against malware threats sharing its TLP:WHITE analysis with Chronicle Security, the Alphabet’s subsidiary author of the notorious VirusTotal Threat Intelligence platform: one of the […]

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Yoroi Welcomes "Yomi: The Malware Hunter"

Nowadays malware represents a powerful tool for cyber attackers and cyber criminals all around the world, with over 856 million of distinct samples identified during the last year it is, with no doubt, one of the major kinds of threat that companies and organizations are tackling to keep running their business without losing resources, time, […]

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