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Early Warning


Considering today's threat environment and the increasing openness and connectivity of digital infrastructures, security teams must assume that their IT environments are subject to periodic compromise and demand superior response capabilities. In such an environment, where attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, one of the steps that enterprises can take to ensure business continuity is considering an early warning system.

Yoroi early warning service identifies, analyses and promptly notifies approaching threats before they can affect operations and provides a mitigation strategy. The service is based on the collection and analysis of information from endogenous and exogenous sources appropriately classified according to their reliability. It includes an ongoing view of unconventional sources searched for information related to the monitored clients networks, in order to understand whether there are traces of abuse or compromise.

Our analysts provide information not only about the vulnerability, but also about best-practices countermeasures to keep systems protected. A detailed analysis is provided in each alert and update, describing its severity and potential impact, technical makeup, the systems that might be affected, available patches or workarounds and comprehensive mitigation strategies.
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