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Digital Surveillance


Digital surveillance has assumed importance in the context of misuse and abuse of the internet, unauthorised access to data, forgery of digital signatures, infringement of intellectual property rights covering patents and trademarks, fraudulent subversion of electronic payment systems, wars over domain names, browsers and portals and growing menace of intruders, masqueraders and saboteurs in cyberspace.

Yoroi digital surveillance service is designed to protect our clients most sensible data.

Our analysts systematically observe the cyberspace by surfing, sniffing, snooping with a view to locating, identifying, determining, profiling, and analysing by all available means the transmission of e-mail, movement of packets, file transfer, transactions containing specific information or alphanumeric strings belonging to our clients. Once a match is found and verified, the client is alerted and the type of action to be carried on agreed.
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