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Email Protection


More and more threats are propagated by using e-mail as vector. Recent studies show that about 70% of e-mail traffic through the major Internet nodes can be classified as spam.

The goal of Yoroi e-mail protection system is to increase the level of protection on the e-mail carrier, using three main techniques:

  • Yomi. Every incoming e-mail received from 'outside' the organisation, if considered 'suspicious' is sent to Yomi and there closely analysed.
  • BeC Detector. A syntactical similarity algorithm compares the similarity of the sender with that of the victim host domain. If the sender e-mail address possesses a high degree of similarity to a real address of the defended organisation, an alert is sent out and an analyst is called to analyse the attempted scam.
  • BeC Anticipator. A powerful correlation and syntactic prediction engine periodically checks the domains potentially 'similar' to the domain of the defended organisation. If these domains are bought and put into production, an alert escalates and an analyst is contacted in order to manage a possible threat B and C and/or fraud.
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