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IRT (Incident Response Team)


When a security incident hits hard cyber-criminals seems to overcome all the boundaries and controls we carefully designed. During these hours, the darkest hours, everything is blurred and there is no clear path on How to resolve the situation. The only questions in mind are “How to get rid of the attackers, now” and “How to get back to regular operations”. Yoroi designed a set of services to help companies to manage these contingencies, providing technologies, skills and knowledge to put in place, coordinate and handle the activities needed to raise from the darkest hours. Leveraging the expertise of CERT-Yoroi unit, Yoroi is able to provide on demand response capabilities, privacy related consultancy and analytical skills to make sure the cyber crisis is handled the right way, getting rid of the attackers, minimizing risk of fallouts and easing the relationship with Local and Data Protection Authorities.
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