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Millions of euros are lost to cyber crime each year and online security is a growing concern for businesses. As the cyber threat evolves and the incidence of attacks increases, maintaining preparedness and situational awareness is vitally important. Customised malware, DDoS attacks and the vulnerabilities of mobile and enterprise networks all present real challenges. The threats are advanced and adopt a revolutionary approach using sophisticated techniques, analytics and intelligence. For this reason Yoroi has created its own Defence Center. Our approach is the same pioneered to defend nations. We protect companies from known attacks, while our intelligence also keeps identifying unknown attacks and quickly initiate countermeasures.


The Defence Center plays a paramount role in the protection of infrastructures. Through the installation of special cyber probes in our clients networks, we detect and manage risks and security incidents. Our team constantly analyses, categorises, evaluates, compares and integrates the information flow in order to identify threats and attacks:


Opportunistic attacks

Information or credentials theft

Suspicious internal-external communications

Direct attacks from outside

Propagation and malware infections

Advanced persistent threats

Advanced Targeted Attack


Yoroi supports and manages mitigation through 'lean' procedures, aiming to maximise the efficacy and efficiency of interventions in terms of required intervention time and downtime. Our Defence Center team uses and implements HP, EPRI and SAS guidelines.



Yoroi technologies aim to empower cybersecurity analysts in order to give them better results, quick overviews and thanks to our artificial intelligence becoming more and more performant. Yoroi developed a Cyber Security Defence center able to detect, to correlate and to manage threats and incidents. Correlation engines, DNS protections, Multilevel sandboxing analyses, Business eMail Anticipators, eMail protection and much more held in a unique user interface designed to reduce friction and to promote resolution speed. Every single bit in Yoroi technology looks help cybersecurity analyst, we don’t believe in fully automated analyses, we believe in hybrid analyses where performant technology meets human brain. This and much more in Yoroi Human Centric Technologies.

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Managed Advanced Threat Protection


The sophistication, complexity and frequency of targeted attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), advanced malware, unknown malware, zero-day threats and the like can be overwhelming. An ever-increasing attack surface, extremely motivated, well-trained and well-funded criminals targeting organizations with bespoke tools and new technologies, make securing the modern enterprise exponentially more difficult. Traditional approaches, such as defending the perimeter, are only some of the many techniques needed to address today's complex security landscape. Advanced and multi-faceted attacks cannot be prevented by a single control point, these types of attacks require a coordinated strategy. Yoroi Managed Advanced Threat Protection defends the clients network perimeter from elusive and advanced threats by adopting the most advanced detection technologies available on the market. Our analysts have a solid background in reverse engineering, malware evasion and communication protocols. They monitor, analyse and mitigate advanced threats far before traditional solutions are able to detect them. Our service prevents even the most sophisticated attacks, it detects stealthy threats across the entire clients infrastructure and is able to quickly respond to security incidents.

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Yoroi cybersecurity services are based on human abilities empowered by proprietary technologies. As soon as a human attacker would get profit from a cyberattack only a human analyst would be able to understand and to block the real attack. This is the philosophy behind our managed cyber security services taking our scope to defend our customers cyber space.

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