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SCADA Security


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) are complex systems involving a large number of components such as sensors, logic programming units, RTU, programmable switches, servers, backup systems and NAS. All these components are orchestrated by a software apparatus to achieve a common goal.

SCADA systems are increasingly complex, digital and connected. Whilst in the past they were isolated from other networks, today's operators typically require data to be transferred between industrial and external networks, creating the potential for malware and hackers to gain access to and disrupt real time control systems and dependent infrastructures.

Yoroi SCADA security service prevents the malware infection by using bespoke technologies to detect the threats. Through a sensor or a virtual or physical ‘probe' installed in the system and a client host inside the machine interconnection network, our analysts are able to monitor the SCADA communication infrastructure and identify malicious communication flows, unidentified callback and unauthorised attempts to gain control.
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