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Closing the “Yomi Hunting” Challenge: Top Hunters 2020

Today, our first Yomi Hunting challenge has just ended. We would like to thank all the InfoSec community for joining the contest: the volume of analyzed samples was pretty huge! 

We would like to thank all the participants who shared their samples with us: all the infosec researchers and hunters could now access their analysis reports directly from the Yomi Hunter service and also from the VirusTotal behavior tab, under the “Yomi Hunter” behavioural report. So, you guys were simply awesome!

Before unveiling the final result of this month long challenge we’d like to share some data about the Challenge. The Yomi contest started on 17th February and ended on 31st March 2020, during this time participants shared over 100k samples within the Yomi Hunter sandbox service, most were executables (94.6 %), compressed archives (3.9 %) and malicious documents (1.5 %).  All this volume of data has been processed and the analysis results freely shared to the infosec community, identifying over hundred of thousand malicious behaviours.

Figure. Submitted file type distribution

The “Top Hunters” 2020

The malware hunters we all need to thank for great part of the huge volume of samples we just talked about are three, the “Top Hunters”:

  1. Haru, is at the lead of the top hunters of the Yomi Challenge, he or she, shared with the community over 87k samples. A really huge volume of malicious files nobody else was able to beat.
  2. JAMESWT, gained the second place among the top malware hunters of this challenge with over 10k samples publicly shared during the contest, confirming he is one of the key Malware Hunter out there. 
  3. W-S-K, is at the third place of the podium, submitting 2302 malicious samples into the public Yomi sandboxes, good job!

Obviously, we didn’t forget about the prizes we claimed on the opening (LINK) so we invite the top hunters to get in touch and contact us at “yomi-contestATyoroi.company”.

In the end, we would really thank all the participants for joining us and kudos to the top three hunters winning the contest!

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