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Genku is our cyber sonde, a complete system for the analysis and mitigation of cyber threats developed to defend our clients. Key features of Genku are:

  • Threat detection, geo localisation and monitoring
  • Alerting system in real time reaching out our malware team
  • E-mail protection
  • E-mail domains analysis, verifying unwanted communication
  • User friendly interface providing a visual match for any information collected
  • Vulnerabilities check for corporate networks
  • Correspondence between vulnerability and malware propagation.

Genku integrates seamlessly with the corporate Active Directory and identifies vulnerable users. It provides tools to analyse what happens in the corporate networks: possible leakage of information, targeted attacks, opportunistic malware and unwanted programs that slow down the overall company performance. Genku combines dynamic analysis on the malware propagation with static analysis of enterprise vulnerability, by continuously scanning the company devices. It can integrate with several systems: AlienVault, Fire Sight, Splunk, Fortinet, Last Line, Source Fire, Websense, Blue Coat, CheckPoint, IronPort, RSA OpSec, and much more.
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