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A deep dive into Eternity Group: A new emerging Cyber Threat

For months, we at Yoroi Malware ZLab have studied and tracked the evolution of a new emerging cyber-criminal group which has attracted the attention of everyone inside the cyber security threat landscape. This threat actor calls itself “Eternity Group”, previously “Jester Group”, which we internally tracked it as “TH-320”.

This threat has also recently been involved in a cyber-attack against Ukraine, this attack proves that any threat should not be underestimated and could be used and evolve to sabotage critical infrastructures benefiting state-sponsored groups. In the following flashcard we classified the TTPs to summarize the capabilities of this threat:

While we were monitoring the threat actor, we found the following malicious projects:

  • Jester Stealer, later rebranded as Eternity Stealer, it is the first malicious product developed by the threat actor
  • Merlynn Clipper, a constantly updated clipper
  • Trinity Miner, a stealth miner
  • Lilith Botnet, the “all in one” solution provided by the Eternity Group
  • Eternity Worm, capable to propagate in different ways
  • Eternity Ransomware, a simple but efficient ransomware

 To see our deep investigation inside this group and its evolution, you can read our whitepaper:

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