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Tag: stealer

A deep dive into Eternity Group: A new emerging Cyber Threat

For months, we at Yoroi Malware ZLab have studied and tracked the evolution of a new emerging cyber-criminal group which has attracted the attention of everyone inside the cyber security threat landscape. This threat actor calls itself “Eternity Group”, previously “Jester Group”, which we internally tracked it as “TH-320”. This threat has also recently been […]

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Poulight Stealer, a new Comprehensive Stealer from Russia

Introduction Nowadays, info-stealer is one of the most common threats. This category of malware includes famous malware like Azorult, Agent Tesla, and Hawkeye. Infostealer market is one of the most remunerative for cyber criminals, information gathered from infected systems could be resold in the cybercrime underground or used for credential stuffing attacks. Over the last […]

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