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Outlaw is Back, a New Crypto-Botnet Targets European Organizations

Introduction During our daily monitoring activities, we intercepted a singular Linux malware trying to penetrate the network of some of our customers. The Linux malware is the well-known “Shellbot”, it is a crimetool belonging to the arsenal of a threat actor tracked as the “Outlaw Hacking Group.” The Outlaw Hacking Group was first spotted by […]

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Ondate di Attacco sLoad Tramite PEC

Proto: N050420. Con la presente Yoroi desidera informarla riguardo alla recente scoperta di ondate di attacco dirette ad utenze ed organizzazioni italiane. Le email fraudolente sono recapitate alle caselle di posta elettronica certificata (PEC) ed invitano la vittima all’apertura di un archivio zip ad esse allegato. Al suo interno, è presente un documento PDF corrotto […]

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A Brand New Ursnif/ISFB Campaign Targets Italian Organizations

Introduction Ursnif is one of the most and widespread threats, it is delivered through malspam campaigns aimed at multiple industries across Italy and Europe.   Recently, we have identified a new variant that is targeting Italian organizations. The malspam messages use attachments with subjects like “Avviso di Pagamento_xxxx_date” where xxxx is a number and date is […]

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Ursnif Campaign Targets Italy with a New Infection Chain

Introduction Ursnif is one of the most and widespread common threats today delivered through malspam campaigns. It appeared on the threat landscape about 13 years ago and gained its popularity since 2014 when its source code was leaked online giving the opportunity to several threat actors to develop their own version. For months, Italian users […]

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The North Korean Kimsuky APT keeps threatening South Korea evolving its TTPs

Introduction Recently we have observed a significant increase in state-sponsored operations carried out by threat actors worldwide. APT34, Gamaredon, and Transparent Tribe are a few samples of the recently uncovered campaigns, the latter was spotted after four years of apparent inactivity. Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab decided to study in depth a recent threat attributed to a North Korean APT dubbed Kimsuky. […]

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New Cyber Attack Campaign Leverages the COVID-19 Infodemic

Introduction Nowadays, it is common to say that the physical world and the cyber world are strictly connected. The proof is the leverage of the current physical threat, the CoronaVirus, as a social engineering trick to infect the cyber world. It is not new for cyber-crooks to exploit social phenomena to spread malware in order […]

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Transparent Tribe: Four Years Later

Introduction Operation Transparent Tribe was first spotted by Proofpoint Researchers in Feb 2016, in a series of espionages operations against Indian diplomats and military personnel in some embassies in Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. At that time, the researchers tracked the sources IP in Pakistan, the attacks were part of a wider operation that relies on multi vector such […]

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Nuova Campagna di Attacco Ursnif

Proto: N040220. Con la presente Yoroi desidera informarLa ad un nuova campagna di attacco in corso ai danni di Aziende e utenti italiani. Gli attacchi si manifestano attraverso l’invio di email fraudolente a tema legale che invitano le vittime a scaricare e visionare li contenuto di un archivio compresso infetto. L’archivio, una volta aperto, è potenzialmente in […]

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Launching the First “Yomi Hunting” Challenge!

About a year ago, we publicly released the Yomi Hunter sandbox for a few simple reasons: in Yoroi we believe in the InfoSec community value, we think it plays a central role in the fight of cyber-threats and we feel the need to support it.  Our sentiment regarding the InfoSec community led us to support […]

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Cyberwarfare: A deep dive into the latest Gamaredon Espionage Campaign

Introduction  Gamaredon Group is a Cyber Espionage persistent operation attributed to Russians FSB (Federal Security Service) in a long-term military and geo-political confrontation against the Ukrainian government and more in general against the Ukrainian military power.  Gamaredon has been active since 2014, and during this time, the modus operandi has remained almost the same. The […]

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Aggah: How to run a botnet without renting a Server (for more than a year)

Introduction During the last year, we constantly kept track of the Aggah campaigns. We started deepening inside the Roma225 Campaign and went on with the RG Campaign, contributing to the joint effort to track the offensive activities of this threat actor. Recently, during our Cyber Defence monitoring operations, we spotted other attack attempts directed to […]

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Unveiling JsOutProx: A New Enterprise Grade Implant

Introduction During our threat intelligence source monitoring operations, we spotted a new sophisticated malware implant that seems to be unrelated to mainstream cyber weapons. In fact, the recovered sample raised many interrogatives into the malware research community due to the extensive  usage of obfuscation anti-reverse techniques, hardening the investigative efforts.  For this reason, we decided […]

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