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Tag: malware

Threatening within Budget: How WSH-RAT is abused by Cyber-Crooks

Introduction Nowadays malware attacks work like a complex industry based on their own supply chains, data providers, access brokers and craftsmen developing and maintaining intrusion tools. During our monitoring operations we frequently face malware samples based on known families and code-bases, mangled and then used to conduct even more sophisticated attacks.  Recently, we intercepted a […]

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Yes, Cyber Adversaries are still using Formbook in 2021

Introduction Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to infiltrate companies, new techniques, or maybe only creative arrangement of known tricks to achieve their objective. In some of our previous blog posts, we documented how cyber criminals are investing their efforts on creating more and sophisticated code protectors to hide malicious software, and in […]

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Opening “STEELCORGI”: A Sophisticated APT Swiss Army Knife

Introduction 2020 was a really intense year in terms of APT activities, in fact it brought us new evidence of sophisticated campaigns targeting Enterprises organization across Europe and also Italy. In particular the threat group we track as TH-239, also mentioned as UNC1945 by FireEye security researchers, has been one of the sneakiest.  We discussed […]

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Attacchi Emergenti a Firmware UEFI/BIOS

Proto: N041220. Con la presente Yoroi intende informarla riguardo un nuovo trend di attacco verso firmware UEFI/BIOS. Questa tecnica di attacco fa uso di appositi strumenti e codici finalizzati a leggere, scrivere o cancellare il firmware UEFI/BIOS di un dispositivo.  Questa tipologia di attacco era in passato limitata a scenari di attacco avanzati filo governativi, […]

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Shadows From the Past Threaten Italian Enterprises

Introduction The modern cyber threat landscape hides nasty surprises for companies, especially for the most structured and complex companies. Many times, threat actors develop very dangerous and effective techniques using tools and technologies in a smart, unattended way.  This is the case of a particular cyber criminal group operating cyber intrusion against one of the […]

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Nuove Campagne di Attacco Quakbot

Proto: N030920. Con la presente Yoroi desidera informarla riguardo ad una nuova campagna di attacco diretta ad utenze e aziende italiane. Gli attacchi si manifestano tramite messaggi di posta fraudolenti che simulano risposte a comunicazioni reali, ingannando l’utente vittima.  Le email contengono un allegato in formato archivio ZIP contenente un file Excel di tipo binario […]

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Campagna di Attacco “Previdenza Sociale”

Proto: N050820. Con la presente Yoroi desidera informarla riguardo ad una nuova campagna di attacco diretta ad utenze e aziende italiane. Gli attacchi si manifestano tramite messaggi di posta fraudolenti che simulano comunicazioni da parte dell’INPS contenenti un documento Excel infetto in grado di scaricare ed installare un impianto malware della famiglia Ursnif (TH-124). I […]

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Campagna di Attacco “Agenzia Entrate”

Proto: N060620. Con la presente Yoroi desidera informarla riguardo al rilevamento di una estensiva campagna di attacco ai danni di utenti e organizzazioni italiane. Le email fraudolente simulano comunicazioni da parte di Agenzia Entrate che invitano le vittime a prendere visione del documento allegato alla comunicazione ed a non inoltrarla ad altri soggetti.  Figura. Esempio […]

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New Cyber Operation Targets Italy: Digging Into the Netwire Attack Chain

Introduction Info stealer malware confirms to be one of the most adopted weapons of cyber actors. One of them is Netwire (MITRE S0198), a multiplatform remote administration tool (RAT) that has been used by criminals and espionage groups at least since 2012. During our Cyber Threat Intelligence monitoring we spotted a particular Office document weaponized […]

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Himera and AbSent-Loader Leverage Covid19 Themes

 Introduction During our Cyber Defense monitoring activities we intercepted waves of incoming emails directed to many companies under our protective umbrella. These messages were leveraging FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) requests related to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemics. These emails were weaponized with two versatile cyber-criminal tools: Himera and Absent-Loader.   Figure1: Email vector example Loaders […]

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Cyber-Criminal espionage Operation insists on Italian Manufacturing

Introduction During our Cyber Threat Intelligence monitoring we spotted new malicious activities targeting some Italian companies operating worldwide in the manufacturing sector, some of them also part of the automotive production chain. The group behind this activity is the same we identified in the past malicious operations described in Roma225 (12/2018), Hagga (08/2019), Mana (09/2019), […]

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Poulight Stealer, a new Comprehensive Stealer from Russia

Introduction Nowadays, info-stealer is one of the most common threats. This category of malware includes famous malware like Azorult, Agent Tesla, and Hawkeye. Infostealer market is one of the most remunerative for cyber criminals, information gathered from infected systems could be resold in the cybercrime underground or used for credential stuffing attacks. Over the last […]

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