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Reconstructing the last activities of Royal Ransomware 

Introduction Royal Ransomware is a new group first spotted on Bleeping Computer last September, where the cybersecurity news site revealed a connection with another malware known as Zeon.   At the moment, we don’t have much information about the group and all its actual TTPs, but we know that they use the Double Extortion model to […]

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Dissecting BlueSky Ransomware Payload

Introduction BlueSky is a ransomware firstly spotted in May 2022 and it gained the attention of the threat researchers for two main reasons: the first one is that the group behind the ransomware doesn’t adopt the double-extortion model; the second one is that their targets are even normal users because the ransomware has been discovered […]

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On the FootSteps of Hive Ransomware

Introduction  Hive ransomware is one of the most active financially motivated threat actors of this period, adopting the current Double Extorsion model. They started their malicious activities in June of the past year, and just in a year of activity they collected a big number of victims, demonstrating the capability to hit even critical infrastructures.   […]

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A deep dive into Eternity Group: A new emerging Cyber Threat

For months, we at Yoroi Malware ZLab have studied and tracked the evolution of a new emerging cyber-criminal group which has attracted the attention of everyone inside the cyber security threat landscape. This threat actor calls itself “Eternity Group”, previously “Jester Group”, which we internally tracked it as “TH-320”. This threat has also recently been […]

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Conti Ransomware source code: a well-designed COTS ransomware 

Introduction  Since 27 February 2022, a few days after the apparition of the Conti’s gang support to the Russian invasion of the Ukrainian national territory, a new mysterious Twitter account appeared, “@ContiLeaks”. Nobody knows for sure who operates it, maybe a reluctant Conti gang member, some foreign intelligence, or police officer, but does not matter […]

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Serverless InfoStealer delivered in Est European Countries

Introduction  Threat actors' consistency over time represents an indication of effectiveness and experience, resulting in an increasing risk for targeted companies.  The Yoroi Malware ZLAB is tracking the threat actor Aggah (TH-157) since 2019, along with PaloAlto UNIT42, HP and Juniper Networks, and the persistency of its malicious operation over time reveals a structured information stealing infrastructure, a worldwide campaign capable of quickly varying its distribution technique.  We discovered new data theft and reconnaissance operations targeting multiple victims worldwide, including Ukraine, Lithuania, and Italy. The whole campaign impacted hundreds of victims and lasted for two months. CERT Yoroi was able to track the malware […]

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Attacchi Log4J in the wild

Proto: N011221. Con la presente CERT-Yoroi intende informarla riguardo una nuova ondata di attacchi di portata globale diretta a tutti applicativi JavaEE che utilizzano la libreria di logging Log4J. La vulnerabilità è nota con identificativo CVE-2021-44228 e nota con l’alias “Log4Shell”.  A causa di lacune nella fase di acquisizione e deserializzazione dei log, il flusso di esecuzione del componente JNDI gestito dalla libreria Log4J può essere alterato inserendo nei log applicativi una specifica stringa malevola.   In particolare, un attaccante […]

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Office Documents: May the XLL technique change the threat Landscape in 2022?

Introduction  Contrasting the malware delivery is hard. Cyber attackers evolve their techniques frequently, but a major trend remained constant: Microsoft Office and Excel documents represent the favorite delivery method many cyber criminals use to inoculate malware into private and public companies. This technique is extremely flexible and both opportunistic and APT actors abuse it.  In the last months, we monitored with particular attention several attack waves adopting a new delivery technique: binary libraries directly loaded by Microsoft Excel, just in one click. This emergent delivery technique leverages XLL files, a particular file type containing a Microsoft Excel application ready to be loaded. […]

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Spectre v4.0: the speed of malware threats after the pandemics

Introduction  Cybercrime is today the first threat for businesses and actors are still evolving their malicious business models. In fact, the criminal ecosystem goes beyond the Malware-as-a-Service, many malware developers are increasing their dangerousness by providing infrastructure rental services included in the malicious software fee. This trend is slowly widening the audience of new hackers joining the criminal communities. As Malware ZLAB we constantly monitor this trend to ensure defense capabilities to constituency and partner organizations rely on Yoroi's services to defend their business, and recently we noticed […]

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Financial Institutions in the Sight of New JsOutProx Attack Waves

Introduction  When threat actors evolve, their tools do so. Observing the evolution of the threats we track during our cyber defense operations is part of what we do to secure our customers. Back in 2019, the Yoroi’s Malware ZLAB unit discovered a complete new malware implant named “JsOutProx” (TH-264), a complex JavaScript-based RAT used to attack financial institutions in the APAC area.   In the last two years, the evolution of this implant was clear. After our initial discovery, many security research teams started monitoring this elusive […]

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The "WayBack” Campaign: a Large Scale Operation Hiding in Plain Sight

Introduction  Tracking threat actors in the long run is a fundamental part of the cyber threat intelligence program we run at Yoroi, few years ago we began monitoring a particular actor who started offensive operations even in the Italian landscape: Aggah (TH-157), who launched malicious campaign such as the  Roma225 and the RG ones against the Italian manufacturing vertical. At that time, even UNIT42 was closely monitoring that actor, unveiling a large scale operation threatening also United States, Europe and Asia.  The recent operation we tracked was designed […]

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Ransomware micro-criminals are still out here (and growing)

Introduction  Ransomware confirms to be one of the most pervasive threats of the last years. We saw during these last years the infamous phenomenon of Double Extorsion, where well-organized cyber-criminal groups perform highly sophisticated red team operations to achieve the highest level of privileges inside the perimeter of victim networks and, before releasing the ransomware, they steal all the sensitive data to extort the target the payment […]

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