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Hakin9.org has defined Yoroi ‘one of the most extraordinary companies founded in Europe’.


Cyber security is the new human need of the digital era. Throughout human history, security has always been about the threat to, and defence of, resources: food, shelter, money, lives, or a database storing customer credit card numbers. The instinct to defend inherited from our ancestors exists no matter if dealing with the real world or the digital world. In 1859, Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection", suggesting that survival depends on the ability to change as environmental conditions change, we'd like add to the equation the ability to defend which is the main reason why Yoroi exists. Yoroi, from the ancient Japanese, used to be the special light and flexible armour that Samurai were wearing to protect themselves. Like that armour, which was an invaluable defence tool, we monitor and protect our clients' cyber space. Our Threat Intelligence and Defence Center are worldwide recognised as best in class. In Yoroi we study and learn the behaviour of cybercriminals, watch the development of their strategies to try and take our clients' resources and design defending strategies and tools. Just as cybercrime has adapted and worked out new strategies to become even more effective in disrupting our clients' business processes, procedures, chains and resources, we also constantly adapt the response to their threat, never forgetting that: Defence belongs to humans.

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