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Author: malwarezlab

Op. “Pistacchietto”: An Italian Job

Introduction In the past weeks, a new strange campaign emerged in the Italian landscape. It has been baptized “Operation Pistacchietto” from a username extracted from a Github account used to serve some part of the malware. This campaign has been initially studied by C.R.A.M. researchers reporting the attacker seems to be Italian, as evidenced by […]

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GoBrut: A new GoLang Botnet

Introduction Malware written in Go programming language has roots almost a decade ago, few years after its first public release back in 2009: starting, for instance, from InfoStealer samples discovered since 2012, abused in cyber-criminal campaigns, and ending into one of the most advanced and modern cyber arsenal, the Sofacy one. Times ago it was […]

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The Arsenal Behind the Australian Parliament Hack

Introduction In the past days, an infamous cyber attack targeted an high profile target on the APAC area: the Australian Parliament House. As reported by the Australian prime minister there was no evidence of any information theft and the attack has been promptly isolated and contained by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), however the […]

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The Long Run of Shade Ransomware

Introduction Between January and February, a new, intense, ransomware campaign have been observed by many security firms. It spreads Shade/Treshold variants, one of the most dangerous threats in the cyber crime scenario, known since its massive infection into the Russian panorama back in 2015, its expansion has been tracked by several CSIRTs and CERTs all […]

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Gootkit: Unveiling the Hidden Link with AZORult

Introduction In the last days a huge attack campaign hit several organizations across the Italian cyberspace, as stated on bulletin N020219 the attack waves tried to impersonate legit communication from a known Express Courier. However, a deeper analysis by Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB revealed interesting hidden aspects, spotting a connection between the AZORult toolkit and a particular […]

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Ursnif: Long Live the Steganography!

Introduction Another wave of Ursnif attacks hits Italy. Ursnif is one of the most active banking trojan. It is also known as GOZI, in fact it is a fork of the original Gozi-ISFB banking Trojan that got its source code leaked in 2014 updating and evolving Gozi features over the years. Also in this variant, […]

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The return of AdvisorsBot

Introduction In the past days, a new particular sample has been analyzed by the researchers of Cybaze- Yoroi ZLab. As usual, the malware looks like a legitimate e-mail attachment, named as “invoice.doc”. Today, weaponized microsoft office documents with macros, are one of the most common and more effective methods to deliver malware, because they also […]

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Sofacy's Zepakab Downloader Spotted In-The-Wild

In the last weeks, the Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB investigated a new APT28 campaign discovered in January 2019. The sample has been initially identified by an Italian independent security researcher, who warned the InfoSec community and shared the binary for further analysis. Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab researchers analyzed this sample to extract indicators and investigate their presence into the […]

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The Story of Manuel's Java RAT

Introduction During the last weeks, the Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab researchers identified infection attempts aimed to install RAT malware directed to the naval industry sector. The malicious email messages contained a particular Adwind/JRat variant delivered via several methods tailored to lure the target company. In the recent past, similar attack cases hit this industry, such as the […]

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GreyEnergy: Welcome to 2019

Introduction In the first days of January, an interesting malware sample has been disclosed through the InfoSec community: a potential GreyEnergy implant still under investigation. This kind of threat, previously analyzed by third party firms, contains similarities with the infamous BlackEnergy malware, used in the attacks against the Ukrainian energy industry back in 2015. The […]

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The “AVE_MARIA” Malware

The  Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab researchers analyzed phishing attempts spreading in the last days of the past year against an italian organization operating in the Oil&Gas sector. The malicious emails try to impersonate a supplier’s sales office sending invoices and shipping orders confirmations. As usual, the mail conveys malicious Excel files exploiting the popular CVE-2017-11882 vulnerability to […]

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The Enigmatic “Roma225” Campaign

Introduction The Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab researchers investigated a recent espionage malware implant weaponized to target companies in the Italian automotive sector. The malware was spread through well written phishing email trying to impersonate a senior partner of one of the major Brazilian business law firms: “Veirano Advogados”. The malicious email intercepted during the CSDC operations contains […]

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