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Defence belongs to humans

Con la recente ammissione alla rete First, dopo quelle precedenti nella rete Trusted Introducer e nella CTA - Cyber Threat Alliance, oggi YOROI è l’unica società di cyber security in Europa a essere membro attivo di tutte e tre!

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Our credo

In Yoroi we come from different backgrounds and experiences, diversity is our strength. However, we have loads in common, we share the same values and the desire to defend the cyber space the best we can. This is our credo, summarising our beliefs, strategies and motivation in approaching our mission.

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Threat intelligence

Yoroi developed a Threat Intelligence Engine able to collect data from managed cybersecurity incidents, from darknet scraping processors, from OSINT, from international institutional communities, from international passionate communities and from a wide Honeypot delevoled network. Threat intelligence is our core knowledge constantly processed by our artificial intelligence engines to help cybersecurity analysts to focus on incident analysis and management.

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Defence Center

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Our technologies help to keep public and private organizations cyber-safe. To better understand how it works, please feel free to request a live demonstration. If you meet our requirements a dedicated sales manager would contact you as soon as possible.

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We are constantly looking for partners specialised in security solutions and already dealing with major clients. We offer innovative solutions substantially different from the mere installation of additional security apparatus. Our ideal partners already offer SOC services, more traditionally oriented network security, which could be complemented by the portfolio of cyber security services developed by Yoroi.

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